Stand Up Comedy Classes

NCT offers classes in Stand Up Comedy that are perfect for either beginners looking to try out a new skill or advanced performers looking to hone their craft.

Classes are taught weekly by professional comics and are a fantastic, low-stress way to develop the art of stand up comedy.

Some of our students have even gone on to perform at local and regional comedy clubs. Find your inner funny and join our stand up comedy classes at NCT!


Under the guidance of Comedy Veteran Tony Calabrese, you will learn how to develop a tight 5 minute stand-up comedy set that you can take anywhere and perform in front of anyone. You will learn the fundamentals of joke writing and performance; how to edit and refine material that is unique to you and your ‘voice’; how to connect and relate to an audience; and how to maximize your laughs per minute.


Now that you’ve got the basic skills of what stand up comedy is all about, it’s time to take it to the next level. Hone your performance skills, clarify your premises, write stronger better punchlines and tags. Lift your whole performance. Find out what separates you from other comedians and define and refine your on stage persona to achieve more solid performances and more bookings. The focus will be on performance because that is where the comedian truly brings the magic of stand-up comedy to life.