The social unrest and protests we’ve seen in the summer of 2020 clearly shed light on the inequities and injustice that exist here in our community and across the nation. No one should ever be concerned about their safety or health because of the color of their skin. The National Comedy Theatre will support all efforts to encourage a more inclusive community and to help eliminate the systemic racism that has plagued our nation for centuries.

As an organization with firm roots in the community, we strongly stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support the sentiments expressed by those who have felt voiceless, whose primary aim is to address and remove barriers to the fair and equitable treatment here in San Diego. We accept our role and responsibility as a community arts organization is to help inform and bring together all members of the community to strengthen the human condition for all our residents.

While we still have much to learn, we must change and humbly admit we can all do better. At this pivotal moment and beyond, we must work collaboratively and take action, especially with communities of color to take better and more passionate care of each other.