Since I started doing improv when I was a freshman in high school, there was always a group within the company or group that I knew I wanted to perform with. As a younger performer, you look up to these people and want to get to a level that allows you to perform with them.

That feeling continued in college as I joined a new company in LA and had a new group to look up to. I had chances rarely come by to practice with them, but it was never a show. The larger crowds and skilled players were where I wanted to be, that was my goal.

Moving back down to San Diego gave me the opportunity to join NCT and try once again to move up the ladder. Going to the MainStage shows, you see and hear the crowds that are much bigger and louder than the average show. Working through house teams to move up to Sunday Company was great, better improv, more stage time. A chance to make myself better and show more of my skills. 
Covid came and went and I felt ready, just had to wait the time to get up to main stage. 


Now that the opportunity is here, I look forward to my first show with the Main Stage cast. After telling all my friends and family, they know how long I’ve been doing this, they too were excited. The practices, the terrible shows I’ve had, and the great shows I’ve had; they finally come up to this moment where I’m at the top tier of improvisers that 14 year old me wanted to be doing this with. I finally achieved that goal, and I’m ready.

Mitch Lange
NCT Mainstage Cast