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Speak more confidently and overcome shyness, unlock your creativity, sharpen your mind, meet new friends and have fun all at the same time. Improv training is great for advancing your professional, personal or artistic skills.

We have over two decades of experience working with people from all walks of life. Study with the pros and sign up today!

We offer three levels of adult improv classes, each one building on the lessons of the previous. Advanced classes are also available for students wishing to continue further improv training. Class sizes are limited.

“You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.”
- Tina Fey

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"Where else can you drive, park, walk in the door, laugh hysterically for 2 hours with friends, leave, and feel awesome?"
Jane Berger
“I really enjoyed coming to class every day knowing I’d laugh like crazy, act out something I would never think I could do, and all the while building my self confidence."
Mitali Ray
"Taking Classes at NCT started on a whim and has become one of my favorite activities every week! It's a brilliant crew of professionals that really help bring me out of my shell."
sara tran
Graphic Designer

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Current Classes

All of our classes are live and in-person. Classes will be conducted without mask requirements, and all participants must be vaccinated.
Please read our Covid-19 policy for specifics.

Level One

Improv Fundamentals

This course stresses basic skills such as focus, teamwork, mime, character and status – all of the things that, together, create great scene work. The core components of improv, listening skills, and your ability to be “in the moment” are strongly emphasized. We build a solid foundation and develop a common language that ensures success in Level 2 and beyond. Plus, it’s a huge amount of fun…

Prerequisite- Ages 18+
No experience necessary

Level Two

Scenework & Character

Building upon the skills learned in our First Semester, this class places a stronger emphasis on character and complex scene development. Improv theory, storytelling, and advanced improv skills are learned, as well as myriad short form games.

Prerequisite – NCT Level 1
(please note that classes from other organizations are not transferable)

Level Three


An advanced class which will bring all the skills learned in the previous two courses together, with a focus on live performance. In this class, students are taught games taken directly from the NCT repertoire, which they will perform at our theater for an invited audience.

Prerequisite – NCT Level 1 and Level 2
(please note that classes from other organizations are not transferable)

NCT Extension

Continue your improv training

Designed exclusively for NCT improv workshop alumni, this on-going class builds on the techniques introduced in our classes to keep your skills sharp. Enjoy weekly classes with our professional teaching artists and free admission to NCT shows.
Classes meet every week on Thursday nights, from 7:00-9:00.
Prerequisite is completion of NCT Improv Classes, levels 1-3, and invitation from NCT Staff.

Stand Up Comedy

Under the guidance of Comedy Veteran Tony Calabrese, you will learn how to develop a tight 5 minute stand-up comedy set that you can take anywhere and perform in front of anyone. You will learn the fundamentals of joke writing and performance; how to edit and refine material that is unique to you and your ‘voice’; how to connect and relate to an audience; and how to maximize your laughs per minute.

Advanced Classes

Offered periodically throughout the year - check back for open classes

Long Form


Through a variety of formats and exercises, students will learn the concepts essential to long form improv in a welcoming and constructive environment. Students will learn the importance of working together as a group, ways to make one idea last for an extended amount of time, scene edits, and creating lasting characters. This class also goes over how to start identifying and finding the “game of the scene.” This is a must for any improvisor or actor that wants to take their improv skills to the next level. 

Long Form


How do you make up a story that will not only be interesting and believable, but last for twenty to thirty minutes?
Picking up from the fundamentals, the class will delve into the importance of unique storytelling as a group, and longer formats that can inspire entire universes of characters and scenarios. Students will learn how to create extended story arcs, execute advanced edits, and discover successful ways to revisit elements and characters from earlier scenes.

Long Form

Playing The Game

Do your improv scenes tend to go nowhere? Is it hard to find out what is funny about a scene? Do things get crazy too quickly? What went wrong? Maybe you lost “the game.”
In this elective class, students will learn the “game of the scene,” how to work with other players to find it, and how to apply it in an long form format. Through a series of fun exercises and scenework, the students will identify what makes the scene funny, and how to keep it that way.

Musical Improv


Taught by veteran mainstage player Michael Maury, this class provides improvisors with a strong musical foundation and the right tools to make up melodic masterpieces that can be incorporated seamlessly into any improv scene. 
In this 6 week class, students will explore a variety of musical improv styles, games, and ideas. This class will delve into both short form and long form musical improv techniques and will confidently leave you with a song in your heart and a hitch-kick in your step. 

Musical Improv


Taught by veteran mainstage player and music educator Michael Maury, this next level class will help musical improvisors use the fundamentals learned in Musical Improv I to make scenes pop and sparkle like a Broadway production.
In this 6 week class, students will explore new musical approaches and exercises in listening and emotional commitment that will help build solid scenes and musical masterpieces. Filled with more dance, counter melodies, and even a little harmony, this class will expand musical confidence and skills all while heightening risk taking abilities which students will be able to demonstrate in an end of class performance. Short form and long form improv styles will be spotlighted with emphasis on integrating music.


Elective Workshop

This an exciting and new course that NCT is offering to focus on two person performance. This course will be taught by longtime MainStage performer, Chris Daily. Students will explore how to form a cohesive mind with your partner as a duo, co-create an array of different characters and storylines, and learn a few duo formats that will culminate in a student showcase. Sign up with a buddy or we’ll pair you up with one! 

Prerequisite – NCT Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

Pantomime & Spacework

Elective Workshop

Tired of just standing around in your scenes? 
This workshop will focus on spacework, or learning how to better interact with the environment of your scene. You will also work on pantomime skills, learn how to slow down and find better ways to use your body to describe things, sometimes without talking! Discover why it’s so important that you should always be doing something in your scene. These lessons will discipline you to focus on your surroundings more than ever and is encouraged for Long form and Short form students.

Short Form Games

Elective Workshop

This popular elective focuses entirely on refining and practicing short form improv games.

Go further with scene games that involve guessing, justification, genres, time limits, audience participation and even a bit of singing. Students will practice games they learned in levels 1 through 3, and learn new ones that are more advanced.

Prerequisite – NCT Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3