House of Cards is the acclaimed show developed by the National Comedy Theatre.

During our production of House of Cards, we will initially interview two couples in the audience. In the first half of the show, we will play out important scenes from their lives: past relationships, first meeting, embarrassing moments, etc.

The show will be complete with songs, inner monologues and all the anxiety and despair associated with the mating ritual.

The second half of the show is where the wheels come off…

Comedy Court is your chance to finally sue your spouse for whatever they do that drives you crazy. Does your husband leave the toilet seat up? Does your spouse always flake on your friends? Now is your chance to put them on trial for it!

During Comedy Court, our talented group of performers will create a courtroom where you can air your grievances. We will provide the judge, prosecuting and defense attorneys, bailiff and witnesses. The audience will act as the jury, and justice will be served.

Improv Comedy House of Cards
Improv Comedy Court
Improv Comedy Court finale