Exposure Therapy

If you have ever struggled with anxiety or depression, one of the most effective treatments is exposure therapy – purposely putting yourself in a feared situation to slowly decrease your fear. Improv is the ultimate exposure therapy. I can think of no better way to improve your mental health than by connecting with others, facing […]

Synergy in Improv

This picture was from our Improv Level 3 Showcase in December 2017 during a game called Blind Freeze Tag, which is one of my favorites. I pantomimed a basketball dribble at the time, and my castmate played the mom who paid attention to her phone instead of me. Hence, my reaction. That month marked my […]

Ulterior Motives

I have always loved comedy.  As a teenager I would stay up late at night to watch David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.  I lost an entire year of English secretly listening to stand-up comedy on cassette in the back of my English class. Sam Kinison was hilarious and there was no need for English […]

Accidental Hard Work

I showed up late to my first improv show I saw at the NCT. I was 16 and dropped off by my mother since it was an unofficial group theatre trip and someone else was bringing me back home. I remember feeling that the theatre was small, hidden, and packed with people. I don’t remember […]


I’ve been performing improv comedy for over 25 years and almost 20 at National Comedy Theatre. My other job…the one that pays the bill…is as a film critic/editor for independent film news outlet Film Threat. Simply put, my job is to watch movies and tell you whether you should see them or not, but rather […]

Taking the first step

I was 17 the first time I saw improv.  Growing up a huge fan of Saturday Night Live in the late 80s and early 90s, I was exposed to comedy.  But it wasn’t until I went to the Second City in Chicago during the late 90s that I saw comedy live.  At the end of […]

My Summer Improv Camp Experience

I saw my first show at the National Comedy Theatre when I was fifteen. Before then my only understanding of improv came from an episode of “The Office”, where Michael Scott steamrolls every scene in his workshop, and the club at my high school that I was reluctant to join. I come from a family […]

Improv – Not Just for Twenty-Somethings

My first foray into improv was in my second year of college. Not yet 20, I was instantly enthralled with the genre. The group I joined was primarily men, most were older than me, and all were devastatingly funny. It was a little intimidating for a closet introvert to be thrust into a situation where […]