Teen Improv Classes

Our next round of Improv Classes for Teens, ages 13-17 begins on Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 10:00am-12:00pm and continues for six weeks. It’s a great way for teens to learn new improv skills, stage work, and presentation skills, and is taught by the professionals at NCT.

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Valentine’s Day Shows were amazing!

Our annual production of House of Cards, our improvised Valentine’s Day show went off without a hitch with 4 couples joining us onstage over two shows.

We played out scenes from the lives of two married couples – one of whom was married for 56 years. In the second half of each show, we improvised a courtroom scene, where one half of a couple got to sue the other for a minor offense.

In the first show, Shane sued his wife, who was 35 weeks pregnant, for having too many pillow on the bed. And somehow he won.

During the second show, Danielle sued her newlywed husband Nick for always taking too long to leave the house. Nick prevailed in that case as the audience felt sympathy for the stresses in his life.

It was a fantastic night all around and we want to thank all four couples involved.

House of Cards 2015 - 03


House of Cards 2015 - 09