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COVID Update –  Our official re-opening date will be September 3rd! 
More details to come soon, but we can’t wait to get back on stage

In the meantime we are returning to in-person workshops and camp beginning in July.

For more information about our COVID policy, please click here. 

We’ll see you soon!
-The NCT Cast & Staff 


San Diego's Longest Running Show

For two decades, the National Comedy Theatre has been entertaining audiences of all sizes and types across the nation with our unique brand of interactive, improv comedy.

The San Diego National Comedy Theatre show is an improv comedy performance featuring professional comedians who create a series of scenes – all based on audience suggestions. Furthermore, the shows are CLEAN and appropriate for all audiences!


What we Do

National Comedy Theatre is the premiere destination for all things improv comedy in San Diego!
Comedy Shows

Every Thursday through Sunday we have shows starting at 7:30 with a mix of casts and styles! We have it all on our calendar!

Improv Classes

Think you'd enjoy doing what we do on stage? We think you would too! Sign up for classes to get started


Did you know improv comedy can improve cross-functional performance & cohesion? Well, now you do.

Private Events

Add laughs to any corporate or private event with National Comedy Theatre's professional cast!


Meet our Casts

Offering a variety of improvised, on-the-spot comedy for 20 years!
Main Stage

Fri & Sat @ 7:30 & 9:45

Sunday Company

Sundays @ 7:30

College Team

Thursdays @ 9:00

House Teams

Thursdays @ 7:30

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People are talking about us

  • 5 star ratingOH HECK YES! This is a great option for any occasion, and you can bring just about anyone!

    They offer two shows, one for all-ages and one 16+ i believe. I attended the all-ages since I am a pretty PG type of person and appreciate when you can't lean on dirty stuff for a laugh (don't @ me). I had a lot of fun here on a date with my partner, and the theater is just a fun place to be.

    The staff are INCREDIBLE and clearly believe in the vision of the theater. The announcer is really fun and the host was great! I am sure they're all wonderful.

    We really enjoyed our time here and laughed SO much. I am really impressed with the players and how clever they are, and I am already itching to go back!

    Ticket prices are really reasonable and it's just a super fun couple of hours in a great part of Mission Hills.

    Natalie F. Avatar
    Natalie F.
  • 5 star ratingSo much fun. My review is from the point of view as an audience member as opposed to a student.
    I've been about 5 times over the course of a few years and it's always a good time. Funny, great atmosphere and inspiring to see how these players use their imagination.

    Tips- arrive early to secure group seats, beer water and snacks are for sell or you can stop by at Shakespeares next store prior to the show, be an active audience member.

    Parking due to location

    Ashley R. Avatar
    Ashley R.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is HILARIOUS!!!!!! First time coming here tonight and will definitely be back for future events when I have time. The actors are so funny and they create the funniest story lines from improv. I absolutely adore them for giving me and my friends a great night. They had mentioned that Friday and Saturday night were "competition based" nights.... I'm thinking they are just like the tv show "Wild n out" that is hosted by nick cannon I haven't been to that yet but I'm hoping to go in the future. Sounds like lots of fun. Thank you all at this comedy theatre for a great great night! I really appreciate it and it was BUNCHES of fun!!

    They had a small little concession stand when you enter the theater where they serve soda bottles, candy (like movie theater candy!) and popcorn too. So neat. I think I also saw selections of beer so that's cool also. It seeeeems like you can just bring your own stuff anyways??? No one really checks and I don't think anyone would say anything. Just be respectful during the shows and don't pop open your chips every now and then.

    We paid $14 each for this Sunday show @ 7:30 online and bought tickets. You could prob come and make it to where you can buy tickets in person. But do not wait till last minute ... might be sold out. Good size for a theater for the audience to sit in.

    Melissa M. Avatar
    Melissa M.
  • 5 star ratingI attended the 16+ R rated show yesterday, Feb 1st. It was hilarious and they did an amazing job. Not sure why the host was trying to keep it clean though.

    Anyway, one of the participants created a game called "Winky Kinky". And it was super hilarious and should be kept as a permanent skit!

    WINKY KINKY is a national treasure!!!

    Sammy S. Avatar
    Sammy S.
  • 5 star ratingMy husband and I went for the first time as a birthday outing for him, and we had a blast! We were laughing throughout the evening, enjoyed the good, clean humor and the audience participation. We told each other afterwards that we both want to go back!

    Laura A. Avatar
    Laura A.

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