About NCT

NCT Show Photo

For two decades, the National Comedy Theatre has been entertaining audiences of all sizes and types across the nation with our unique brand of interactive, improv comedy.

The San Diego National Comedy Theatre show is an improv comedy show featuring professional comedians who perform a series of scenes – all based on audience suggestions. Furthermore, the shows are CLEAN and appropriate for all audiences!

What We Do


Wanna be funny? Take our improv comedy classes. Seriously, you will be at least 60% funnier…and that’s just after our level 1!! No other class in San Diego can promise that and EVERYONE wants to be the funniest guy at the party…am I right?

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Corporate Events

Private AND Corporate Events

Seriously, your company parties always suck…but, here’s the thing, they don’t have to  anymore. Want to be a hero? Hire us to bring the funny. Susan from accounting won’t even mind when you pull that mistletoe thing next year…

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Team Building Events

Team Building

When was the last time you laughed with your co-workers like the people in this photo? HINT: You haven’t. Don’t let the terrorists win. Let’s build a team…

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