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San Diego's Legendary Comedy Show


San Diego's Longest Running Show

For over two decades, the National Comedy Theatre has been entertaining audiences of all sizes and types across the nation with our unique brand of interactive, improv comedy.

The San Diego National Comedy Theatre show is an improv comedy performance featuring professional comedians who create a series of scenes – all based on audience suggestions. Furthermore, the shows are CLEAN and appropriate for all audiences!


What we Do

National Comedy Theatre is the premiere destination for all things improv comedy in San Diego!
Comedy Shows

Every Thursday through Sunday we have shows starting at 7:30 with a mix of casts and styles! We have it all on our calendar!

Improv Classes

Think you'd enjoy doing what we do on stage? We think you would too! Sign up for classes to get started


Did you know improv comedy can improve cross-functional performance & cohesion? Well, now you do.

Private Events

Add laughs to any corporate or private event with National Comedy Theatre's professional cast!


Meet our Casts

Offering a variety of improvised, on-the-spot comedy for over 20 years!
NCT MainStage

Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:30 pm
Fridays @ 9:45 - NCT UnRated

Sunday Company

Sundays @ 7:30

House Teams

First two Thursdays of each month @ 7:30

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The Business of Funny

A day in the life of managing NCT is like grabbing a slice of ultra, mega, ultimate, extreme, everything pizza—there is no telling which toppings I’ll get. It’s dust and grit, grease and paint, spreadsheets and meetings, creation and elimination, fixing lights and cleaning the toilet, ticketing systems and class registrations,

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Stage Fright

The Book of Lists reports public speaking to be the top fear of Americans. This is followed closely in order by: heights, insects, financial problems, deep water, sickness and finally death (barely edging out fear of flying).What is it about public speaking that scares so many people? And how can

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Thoughts on Re-opening

In 1642, Parliament ordered the closing of all London theaters due to a combination of civil war and strict Puritanism (it’s always the Puritans, am I right?). They didn’t reopen for another 18 years until Charles II ordered the restoration of theater at the beginning of his reign.  I’m very

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Exposure Therapy

If you have ever struggled with anxiety or depression, one of the most effective treatments is exposure therapy – purposely putting yourself in a feared situation to slowly decrease your fear. Improv is the ultimate exposure therapy. I can think of no better way to improve your mental health than

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Synergy in Improv

This picture was from our Improv Level 3 Showcase in December 2017 during a game called Blind Freeze Tag, which is one of my favorites. I pantomimed a basketball dribble at the time, and my castmate played the mom who paid attention to her phone instead of me. Hence, my

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Ulterior Motives

I have always loved comedy.  As a teenager I would stay up late at night to watch David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.  I lost an entire year of English secretly listening to stand-up comedy on cassette in the back of my English class. Sam Kinison was hilarious and there

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